The Venture Awards empower Jewish teens to shape the opportunities for their generation by both funding and fostering initiatives that will deepen their experiences.

The Cincinnati Jewish Teen Collective is focused on supporting today’s Jewish teens and working together to elevate their experience. Keep visiting as this site develops into the place to connect and find out all that’s happening for Jewish teens in Cincinnati.

The Bottom Line

The Cincinnati Jewish Teen Collective Funds:

  • Projects that take risk
  • Projects that provide Jewish teens with experiences that will contribute to their individual learning, identity and growth
  • Projects from teens or led by teens
  • Projects that inspire and empower teens to make a positive difference in the world in which they live
  • Projects that are feasible
  • Projects that can be achieved within a specific timeline and budget
  • Projects that solve a problem or create a unique opportunity or experience
  • Projects that are distinctive and innovative
  • Projects that inspire others to join, respond or act
  • Projects that bring together teens from various backgrounds
  • Projects that encourage a stronger sense of self
  • Projects that provide teens a sense of pride about being Jewish
  • Projects that allow teens to learn about and positively experience Jewish holidays and Shabbat
  • Projects that allow teens to express their values and ethics in relation to Jewish principles and wisdom
  • Projects for teens to develop the skills and language to grapple with and express their spiritual journeys
  • Projects that connect teens to their various communities
  • Projects that develop a positive relationship to the land, people, and State of Israel

The Cincinnati Jewish Teen Collective Does Not Fund:

  • For-profits or b-corps
  • Projects for teens exclusively outside of the greater Cincinnati area
  • Vacations
  • Travel to meetings, even if related to your project/venture
  • Overseas travel if a similar opportunity is available locally, or if the benefits of the experience do not justify international travel
  • Transportation and/or accommodation that is not directly connected to the Award opportunity
  • Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g. establishment or incorporation fees, renting office space, long-term equipment rental, ongoing subscription fees, etc.)
  • Salaries or services that you are rendering to yourself, your organization, or others
  • The development of a skill that is not directly related to the goal of the program
  • Projects intended to re-grant the award dollars to another organization, individual or project