Personal Development

As you may have experienced, teen years can come with highs and lows, but being part of a supportive community can help navigate those challenges and successes.

A Venture Award gave the NFTY Board the tools to appeal to more potential members in the area. We walked away feeling like we had more potential to give people a fun time at our events.Max S.

The Teen Collective encourages engagement in powerful experiences that allow you to learn more about yourself, your Jewish identity, and how you fit within your communities. We value engaging everyone holistically, and giving you room for self-exploration, opportunities to take risks, financial support, and encouragement to think B.I.G. (before I graduate). We believe that growth occurs when you can feel both the risk and the reward of going outside of your comfort zone and putting your ideas to action.

With our Venture Award, for a school based Jewish club, we were able to bring Jews and non-Jews together to learn more about our culture. Throughout the school, specially made t-shirts can be seen worn not only by students, but by teachers and administrators. Simply put, there is a visible increase in Jewish pride as a result of our Jewish Culture Club and the grant money allowed us to put together amazing programming and explore our own Jewish identity.Jacob F.